Money Back Guarantee

There is no official website for Vigorect. And, all other retailers that once carried Vigorect have since pulled the supplement from their shelves.
If you somehow got your hands on Vigorect, you are assuming all the risks. There is no information to suggest you could get your money back if you don’t see the results you want.

Vigorect Quality Ingredients

• Butea Superba
• Choline Bitartrate
• Vitamin B5
• L-Arginine
• DL-Phenylalanine
Some of these ingredients listed in Vigorect may increase blood flow to your penis, allowing for firmer and larger erections. But more important then what the maker’s of Vigorect tells us is in their formula, is what they don’t tell us.
According to Health Canada (Basically like the FDA of our friends to the North), Vigorect’s labeling leaves off one crucial, and potentially dangerous ingredient: Tadalafil.
Tadalafil is an ingredient found in the prescription drug Cialis. And with this secret ingredient in Vigorect come some potential side effects:
• Diarrhea
• Headaches
• Bad Taste or After Taste
Well if it contains the same ingredients as Cialis shouldn’t Vigorect be able to work just as well? It’s possible that you could get great results with Vigorect, but it’s very likely that you are putting yourself at risk, especially if you are on any other medications.
There is a reason prescriptions, like Cialis, are prescriptions! They need to be tested, and handed out with care, because they can be dangerous.
The maker’s of Vigorect claimed to have developed an all-natural, herbal formula to help you safely revitalize your sex life. But, clearly Vigorect is anything but what they said.
It seems that Vigorect has been pulled off the market for the time being, and for good reason. When a company, like Vigorect, uses shady business practices and doesn’t tell us all the information, you want to stay far away.
Vigorect definitely doesn’t make it as a top natural testosterone supplement, or male enhancer.
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