TestoGen Testosterone Booster Review

According to this TestoGen review, natural testosterone supplements for male testosterone boosting have been around for hundreds of years. Believe it or not men were worried about this problem long before you were even born. The use of herbs have helped men keep their manhood in good working order. Today’s technology has refined these supplements and made them more appealing to men.

TestoGen is one of those testosterone boosting supplements that claims it is a natural penis enlargement pill. TestoGen says it is a fully natural blend of ingredients found to increase blood flow to the penis. Over time, this extra pumping of blood is suppose to enlarge the spongy chambers of the penis. They even claim that it will leave the penis bigger and harder for a long lasting erection.

TestoGen does claim that after taking this supplement for at least 90 days that the penis will increase in size. Unfortunately, research has proven that these supplements can not cause the penis to grow larger. In fact they say it is impossible to have a permanent enlargement with a supplement and even a penis extender.

TestoGen is making claims that we need to investigate further and see if they are correct.

Expert and Consumer Reviews
Of course, the consumer reviews on the official website are going to be nothing but positive. Remember they are trying to sell their product to you and would only put flowery reviews on their website. If you look at other sites you realize that there is a lot of negative reviews. They say that is does not make your penis longer.

Expert reviews are non-existent. Experts say that increasing the size of the penis is only a temporary fix. It is not physically possible to lengthen your penis. They say what you are after puberty is the size you will remain.

Money Back Guarantee

TestoGen does say it has a return policy but it is very vague. It says if TestoGen does not work for you they will refund your money. However, it does not give you are time frame or if they will return your total cost of the product back to you. If you are looking to purchase this sexual enhancer than you might want to clarify their money back guarantee.

Quality Ingredients

TestoGen contains key ingredients:

Ashwagandha–a libido booster
Satavari–anxiety calmer
Makardhwas–excellent for boosting circulation
Kavach Beej–testosterone raiser
Saffron–control keeper
Shudha–mood raiser

TestoGen is a testosterone boosting supplement that has unfamiliar ingredients in it. It does not include proven ingredients that help improve erections like L-Arginine. With no proven ingredients it is hard to say if this sexual enhancer will be worth the cost.

TestoGen is an expensive testosterone boosting supplement. It is sold for $19.95 for 10 pills. That is a 5 day supply since you are instructed to take 2 pills per day. TestoGen does say it has a money back guarantee but it is very vague and does not tell you the time frame and if they will refund the complete price.

Since little if anything is known about this company it is safe to say that you may not the most credible supplement company. It is apparently a company in India but that is all that is known. You should check out this website and see what they recommend.

TestoGen Review

TestoGen is a basically a fat burner for men that will help them to increase their testosterone levels and regain the vigor and vitality of their youth. As men age, testosterone levels drop along with their libido and ability to gain muscle mass.

Expert and Consumer Reviews

There is a good mix of good reviews and bad ones. The first one is pretty positive where as the following two people had different experiences.

“compared to getting a testosterone shot at $200+, this seems to be working and is a healthier option”

“This product caused me to feel nervous and jittery, I had strange aches and pains (like in my ribs) and just felt weird all over. Taking it back today.”

“Not sure if I saw any improvement in my overall athletic performance. At 39, I’m looking to gain back the edge I had at 29…simply not the case here. I do feel a difference when I take the 3 pills, but not anymore than if I were taking a good multi-vitamin. I believe the GNC Mega-Men Sport is the ticket and at at much better price point.”

TestoGen is sold through GNC which has a 30 day money back guarantee on all of it’s testosterone boosters. If you are not happy, just send the testosterone booster back to receive a full refund.

Quality Ingredients

The ingredients profile of TestoGen is pretty good. It offers many benefits for the overall health of men. However, TestoGen uses proprietary blends which keeps the ingredient amounts hidden.

Oat Straw Extract This ingredient is thought to help increase energy while reducing and controlling your stress levels. It is said to free up testosterone in your body so that it can be picked up for use.

Withania Somnifera Root This is a traditional medicine in India that is used to enhance vitality and energy. It helps your body efficiently use oxygen and fuel in your body which helps increase your metabolism.

Tribulus Terrestris Root This is commonly used by strength athletes to increase muscle growth and testosterone levels. It works by increasing the level of LH hormone which helps to boost your testosterone.

Sarsaparilla Root This is an extract used to increase the overall body mass of body builders. It helps to stimulate the production of male hormones and can enhance your endurance and stamina which will help you have longer and more intense workouts.

L-Arginine This amino acid helps to stimulate hormone secretion. It also supports your immune system function and is essential for your circulation and detoxification systems.

DHEA This is known to help increase the bio-availability of testosterone in your body. It is produced in the adrenal gland.

Eleuthero Root This is a root that is found in Japan but used around the world to help improve overall health and vitality. It is thought to help especially with stamina, memory and vigor.

Lycopene This is found in fruits and vegetables and is known for it’s powerful antioxidants. It will help fight free radicals in your body to protect your cells from damage. Cellular damage can lead to degenerative disease and signs of aging.